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2018 HAVE Awards

35 years – Est. 1983

American Hospital Association


HAVE AWARDS    Hospital Awards for Volunteer Excellence

 THE HAVE program was established by the American Hospital Association Board of Trustees to showcase outstanding volunteer programs.  After the judging process, all winners must be approved by the AHA Board of Trustees.


November 1, 2018 – Nominations open for 2019 HAVE Awards.

February 1, 2019 – Nominations close for 2019 HAVE Awards. awards.shtml

 Award Categories & Descriptions

 One HAVE Award is given to a program in each of four categories:

 Community Service  -  programs that assisted a health care organization in the design and delivery of services or programs of measurable impact to the wellbeing of individuals and/or the community.

 Fundraising  -  programs that designed and implemented an innovative approach to fundraising that benefited the health care organization of the community.

 In-Service  -  programs that designed and implemented innovative services to address needs or challenges within the health care organization.

 Community Outreach and/or Collaboration  -  programs that designed and implemented an innovative approach with external partners to address needs or challenges within the health care organization or the community.


 VAC (Volunteer Advisory Council) under AHVRP.  This council is made up of past SAL’s (state auxiliary leaders) and DVSes.  The chair must be a volunteer.  Arkansas has had 4 SALS to serve on this committee:  Diane Mackey, Theda Aud, Lynn Smith and Jerry Berley.  Theda and Lynn have also served as Chair.

 Judging Categories

 Volunteers play a substantial role in planning, developing, implementing and maintaining the program.

 The program is unique and/or innovative.

 The program benefits the service recipients, the health care organization and/or the community.

 The program can be replicated or adapted in another community or organization.

 Outcome measures have achieved the stated goals.

 Judging on a scale of 1 – 10

 (1 – 4)  doesn’t meet criteria

 (5 – 7)  somewhat meets criteria

 (8 – 10)  completely meets or exceeds criteria


 READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE you start to write up the entry.

Don’t wait till the last minute to prepare the entry as they do require the signature of your Administrator.  There are times when our Administrators are out of pocket and it may be a few days before you can acquire their signature.  It is very important that the Convention Chair receive all entries on time!

 Try to come up with a catchy title for the entry.  Something that will catch the attention of the person who is judging the entry.  For example:  An entry submitted by the Ouachita County Medical Center Auxiliary for in-hospital service for purchasing automatic doors in the emergency department was entitled “Thru These Doors”.   This would automatically arouse the interest of the judge.  And they did win the In-Hospital Award for this entry.

 Make sure you answer all the questions asked on the instruction sheet, i.e. WHY the service was initiated, WHEN the service was begun and WHEN completed, etc.

Adequately describe what your program is about, but be as brief as possible.  You have to remember the person judging the entry is reading numerous entries and sometimes they can get bogged down or lose interest if the entry is too wordy or too long.

 You might want to find someone in your auxiliary who is good at writing to do your entry.  (Maybe someone who has grant writing experience, etc.).   It does not necessarily have to be done by the president. 

 Be sure to fill out the COVER PAGE completely and acquire the required signatures from your Auxiliary President and your Hospital Administrator.

 After you have received the required signatures on the cover page and before you put your entry in the mail, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AGAIN to be sure you have followed them correctly. 

 It would be a good idea to have someone else look over the entry with you before you do put it in the mail and double check to make sure you have the correct address and postage!