About AHAA

Dear Auxilians:

1.  Consider running for an officer in your auxiliary--step up to the plate.

2.  Possibly come up with a new State Project

3.  Every auxiliary needs to send at least one representative to the Convention.

4.  Find a job for every person wanting to volunteer--share duties with those who pay dues.

5.  Keep on serving your community and your hospital with new sparks.

6.  Seek out young volunteers--consider a Volunteen Program.

7.  Invite your CEOs to your auxiliary meetings.

8.  Seek out retirees for new volunteers.

9.  Print the newsletter, pass it around during your meeting--is your auxiliary mentioned?

10. Send your sparks to the newsletter chair, Dean Rossa, by-monthly.

11. Thank your DVS.

12. Thank your volunteers.

13.  Fill out the forms needed for the Five-Star Awards.

14.  Check out your handbook, State Surveys, and look at your auxiliary's totals.        

See if you can add auxilians, volunteens, total hours and donations for 2016-17.

Margaret Underwood

Theme: VOLUNTEERS: on Fire for Our Hospitals

Emblem:  Flame

Colors:  Red, Yellow and Orange